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About Peoplesbank

Rooted in history. Growing toward the future.

The roots of Peoplesbank run deep with a history rich in Oklahoma tradition. Originally chartered under Indian Territory law, we were established in 1907 as the Bank of Red Fork. Later purchased in 1921 by the Walker family, we became known as Peoples State Bank when the Walkers moved the bank to Whittier Square in 1938.

We were pioneers in more ways than one. Peoples State Bank was the first bank to remove the bars from teller windows, install a walk-up window and collect utility bills. We were on the leading edge of customer service long before it became a buzzword.

Running Peoples State Bank became a true family effort when the Walker's daughter Mildred and son-in-law Clyde took over the day-to-day in 1976. They also made the decision to move to our current location at 4th and Lewis in 1977. A third generation embraced leadership in 1997 when Mildred and Clyde's daughter Susie Elias became president.

A new vision for the future of Peoplesbank began to emerge when David K. Johnson purchased the bank from the Walker family in 2003. Along with a new look came new services and a modern approach to banking while remaining rooted in our long history of personalized, local service.

Proud of our Southwest Tulsa roots, we decided to call West Tulsa home once again when we opened the West branch on Union Avenue in 2007. In 2009, Peoplesbank permanently staked its claim in West Tulsa when we moved into our brand new home at I-44 & 33rd West Avenue.

Since that time, Peoplesbank has thrived. Keeping our roots in mind, we will continue to push forward just as the pioneers before us.