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Business Services

Remote Capture

Remote Capture allows you to deposit checks at Peoplesbank without even leaving your office. It improves cash availability, reduces deposit delay, and saves time and money.

Merchant Services

Accepting Visa and Master Card allows business to offer additional payment options, making it easier to sell services or products. A merchant account can provide:

  • Convenience – allows for immediate sales
  • Reduced Receivables – reduces 30, 60, and 90 day receivables
  • Fast Availability of Funds – funds are deposited directly into your checking account within 24 to 48 hours
  • Easy Reconciliation – Merchants receive the gross amount of their card deposits; processing fees are charged at month-end. Weekly or daily deposit summary statements detail all card transactions. A monthly statement includes a summary of deposits and fees.

Lock Box

Lock Box accelerates the collection of accounts receivable remittances. A unique post office box is established for receipt of payment. Checks are processed and remittance advices (and other contents) are sent to the customer daily. Benefits include:

  • Increased Cash Availability
  • Administrative Savings
  • Audit Control
  • Check Information Availability

Courier Service

Save valuable time with our convenient courier service. Simply call us and we'll pick up your deposits, deliver change orders, whatever you need. Call 918.583.9800 to make arrangements.

Corporate Credit Card

The Peoplesbank Corporate Credit Card powered by Elan Financial Services is sure to have the option that is right for your business. We have 3 different cards to choose from:

Visa® Platinum Business Rewards

  • Earn Double Rewards for Everyday Business Expenses
  • 2,500 first use bonus points - redeem for a $25 statement credit
  • Double points on gasoline, restaurants & telecom
  • Redeem your points for brand name merchandise, certificates for restaurants and travel needs such as hotels, car rentals and so much more!
  • 1% cash back for reach net dollar charged to your account

Visa® Business Travel

  • The Premium Business Card for Frequent Travelers
  • 5,000 first use bonus points - redeem for a $50 statement credit
  • Double points on airline, train, car rental & hotel bookings
  • Fly any airline without frequent flyer program restrictions
  • 1% cash back for each net dollar charged to your acount

Visa® Business

  • The Traditional Credit Card for Business Owners
  • Offers flexibility to make purchases, pay bills and manage expenses with simplicity and convenience